When I was at Playlist Live I was in the front of the line for Dan and Phil. I had been asking my group all day where Dave was. When the people in front of us were right about to go meet Dan and Phil I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and one of the girls I was with pointed to someone. It was Davedays. Immediately I start crying. Then he walks to his line. While doing that he passed by me. Then I started BAWLING and like half the line started screaming things like “SHES CRYING FOR YOU DAVE.” and “SHES YOUR BIGGEST FAN.” Then, he stopped signing his autographs and came over to the line I was in and HUGGED ME. Which made me cry even more. Then after we met Dan and Phil I ran into his line and met him. And while meeting him I was crying. And while he was hugging me he was whispering “Awe don’t cry.” and “Your awesome” in my ear. I don’t think anyone knows how much i loved and how much he has helped me through. But i got to meet him and hug him in THE GREEN SHIRT. Dave is my world and meeting him made me the happiest person ever. <3